About Us – RPM One Associates Limited

RPM ONE is an interior design and construction company with offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

RPM ONE focuses on design and is committed to creating high-quality living space for customers.

We have participated in many interior design projects. RPM ONE adheres to the combination of interior design and intelligent technology to create a green and environmentally friendly  space.

RPM ONE can provide decoration and design services for customers all over the country.

RPM ONE introduces the world’s advanced design concept, customer interests as the center, to provide customers with high quality, unique and practical design and construction solutions to meet their needs.

Our Services

RPM provides a complementary comparative analysis of available properties to assist our clients in their selection for their new premises.
We consult with our clients to evaluate the size & space configuration that best satisfies and meets the needs our client’s requirements and budget.

RPM professionals work with our clients to help and advise ways to maximise the efficiency of the location space. This enables change planning to be performed to maximise flexibility and minimise any alteration costs over times.
RPM’s industry leading design team assists in creating our clients design, to additionally enhance the clients company image and to provide a comfortable and highly efficient working environment.

As our client base demonstrates, RPM’s experienced professional project management team works very closely with our subcontractors and stakeholders to delivery time critical projects.
At RPM we employ and our own tradesmen. We only use our trusted supply chain and factories so that we control and ensure the highest quality of the completed works.

At the project completion and delivery, our RPM post project maintenance services comprise an integral part of RPM comprehensive service. We provide high response care via our customer services team.
RPM customers are kept up to date via our RPM newsletter. Our customers regularly receive valuable industry office rental market news and updates relating to new office interior furnitures and design.



RPM uses a comprehensive process to implement the project workflow.

1. Feasibility Studies

RPM performs building analysis and evaluation for our client’s future relocation site. This provides our client’s with a greater practical understanding of their new location.
RPM project design and planning is based on the evaluation of our client’s requirements and their current premises:
• Meetings with related department leaders and executives and
• Quantitative & qualitative surveys


2. Space Planning

RPM provides space planning based on our client’s requirements.
RPM considers:
• Staff space utilisation
• Rooms required
• Mechanical and electrical constraints
• Architectural and building constraints
• Environmental considerations
• Staff movement access
• Fire safety
• Any special requirements


3. Conceptual Design

Corporate identities, corporate images and corporate colours are used for the conceptual design development. RPM works closely with our clients to finalise the contemporary and traditional designs. In addition, to depict the proposed design, RPM produces high quality conceptual 3D renderings for each of our projects. This assists our clients to visualise various concepts for the final outcome of the project.


4. Furniture & Fit-out

RPM provides our clients with professional advice for furniture selection. Our experienced staff utilises our well known furniture industry network to enable us to provide a wide range of furniture selection and other interior fittings to suit our client’s budget and needs.
Customised furniture is also available upon request.


5. Work Schedule

RPM provides a detailed schedule highlighting all critical dates and deadlines of the project. This schedule provides a clear picture of the related activities to all parties and stakeholders of the project.
It also provides an ongoing status of all project items and completed work, ensuring that all items are completed within the agreed time.


6. Budget & Specification

RPM provides a detailed budget proposal to our clients that outlines all the costs involved in the project.
All sections are clearly itemised to ensure that our clients have a complete understanding of all sections within the proposal including the cost allocation involved.


7. Agreement and Project Contract

Prior to the commencement of the work and after any amendments to the design, budget or schedule, an agreed contract is signed by the client and RPM.


8. Regulatory Formality & Insurance

RPM provides assistance for our client’s premises regulatory requirements and formalities. RPM also assists our clients to undertake the required insurance for the project.


9. Relocation Management

RPM is able to provide a contact list of moving specialists in order to perform any relocation required during the project.
RPM also provides the premises reinstatement services.


10. Third Party Management

With RPM’s extensive experience, we work with and manage all third parties to achieve the goal of the project completion.


11. Project Maintenance Management

To attain the ultimate satisfaction of our clients, RPM provides a comprehensive customer service for the project maintenance.